Interested in sending a unique gift to a friend or family member?

Having a craving for seafood when you’re away from Cape Cod?
Looking to celebrate a special occasion, anniversary, graduation or birthday?
Or simply want to send a Thank You?

Well contact us! We ship seafood via UPS priority overnight anywhere in the continental United States. We only ship our freshest products Monday through Thursday for arrival Tuesday through Friday. Overnight delivery by UPS allows you to treat friends and family to a real Cape Cod dinner! Send live lobsters and fresh seafood from Cape Cod to anywhere. Just call before 10 AM on the day you would like to ship and we’ll send out your product same day! Call today! Delivered tomorrow! Questions or for a free estimate call anytime: 508-945-1178. We are also more than happy to suggest items that ship and travel better than others and gift you a free estimate on what your package would cost to ship.

Here are a few local items that we carry daily that we suggest shipping:

New England Live Lobsters, Local Sea Scallops, Local Shellfish (Little Necks or Oysters), Stuffed Home-Made Quahogs, New England Clam Chowder, Fresh Cooked Lobster Meat (never frozen), Cod, Haddock, Flounder, Sole, Swordfish, Tuna, Atlantic Salmon, Halibut and during the summer season Bass, and Bluefish. All of our products are fresh, never frozen. We also have a wide variety of other items as well- feel free to contact us anytime for more information.

(*Please note: During high heat times throughout the summer months, or extreme inclement weather in the winter months, as well as around the holidays  please allow additional time for arrival. We try our best to make sure you or your guests have the freshest items, and may suggest alternative shipping times to help based on weather conditions or high holiday traffic. Thank you for your understanding.*)